2 comments on “Is A Trip To Cancun Worth the Death of the World’s Coral Reefs?

  1. Hi Bryre,

    This post on the effects of development on the oceans is top notch. The big problem with the gulf coast is the amount of pollutants entering the ocean from the Mississippi. The Mississippi water shed covers about half of the United States (yes this is hard to believe) and it cuts strait through our most productive agricultural areas. This being so the amount of pollutants entering the river from farm pesticides and other fecal matter is astronomical. One of the biggest dead zones in the ocean is located at the mouth of the Mississippi, and the matter that causes said zone in turn eventually makes its way to the tropical reefs in the Bahamas. It is a shame that such a problem exists and that there is not much we can do at this point. It will take billions of dollars and many years to turn this negative situation around. The hardest part will most likely be convincing the government and farmers to adopt a more environmentally friendly way to produce food. Until then the situation will just keep getting worse.


    • Isn’t it crazy how lazy our government is when it comes to aiding the environment? We really ought to just scrap all the geezers that are in charge and start fresh.

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